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Al Jadeed Exchange LLC launched its operations at January 2000 with corporate office at Ruwi and now stands deeply rooted in the spirit of excellence as one of the largest financial service houses in the Sultanate of Oman. Company is licensed to perform remittances, foreign currency business, import of gold and currency by Central Bank of Oman. With a humble beginning as a Bureau D'change in Muscat International Airport, we expanded our reach to 26 outlets, diversified into remittance business in 2008 and marked our presence in wholesale currency import and export in 2015.

From small businesses to corporations, to families near or far away, Al Jadeed Exchange helps people move money to help grow economies. We continue to innovate, developing new ways to send money through digital and retail channels, under exclusive local ownership and management.


The vision of the company is to be the leading remittance service provider by delivering world-class services and competitive foreign exchange rates to the satisfaction of our customers.

Customer satisfaction and value for money to the customer being our prime objectives, we strive to ensure that service standards are maintained at highest level thereby being the benchmark of the industry.


To be the most dynamic, innovative and trusted service oriented organization to understand and stand together with our stake holders for the betterment of the society by contributing to its well-being and sustained development.

Our Values

As a financial organization it is our duty to protect the interest of the customers while complying with the strictest regulations locally and internationally. We value the demonstration of integrity, respect and teaming. Customer confidentiality is kept at the forefront and maintains financial discipline at all levels. We believe teamwork is our success story, and our values define who we are.

Our Philosophy

Upholding our Chairman's philosophy of being humble to our roots, special care is given to the lower strata of the society to ensure that they are treated with respect in all the times, with no differentiation in service level, fees and other facilities within the cities and at the remote locations. We believe that when money moves, better things can happen.

Quality Policy

As a customer-oriented organization, quality, safety and reliability are the cornerstone of our business activities. We always give priority for building relationships with customers and strive to improve the standard of services. Al Jadeed Exchange offer special services at all our counters by value additions on our own or jointly with our partners.

Customer Care Policy

In this technology driven age, exemplary customer service is perhaps being the only differentiator for a good remittance service provider. We have a dedicated customer support team consisting of professional bankers from correspondent banks and money transfer service providers who can address issues of customer complaints in their dialects. Our tele-services inform the intra day exchange rate movements to customers so that they can make use of the favourable movements in currency rates and inform remitters and beneficiaries for fund credits.

Compliance Policy

As a socially responsible organization, we have adopted a strong compliance policy with all the regulatory requirements of the AML/KYC norms and practices of Oman. Al Jadeed Exchange has assigned the task of overseeing the implementation of the compliance policy and reviewing the compliance function to a special Compliance Cell. The team will identify and manage compliance risk through all levels of organization. We work closely with Central Bank of Oman and adhere to their guidelines and best practices, safeguarding the industry norms and reputation.

Al Jadeed Exchange realises that the investments we make in systems, services and technology are just part of the way in which we can serve you better. We have a team of experienced bankers of international reputation who are inquisitive by nature and always strives for the excellence and drive out best to set new milestones. Our well trained, customer oriented team of young professionals and efficient back office team is the pillars behind our success. Al Jadeed Exchange LLC is also proud to maintain a strong IT infrastructure with 24/7 customer service hotlines and customer support team. Their commitment to excellence is the strength and stability of everything we do for you.

Times of Oman recognized Al Jadeed Exchange as the best exchange company to offer most competitive exchange rates in the market.

Al Jadeed Exchange has been ranked among the top three most preferred exchanges among the expatriates in Oman, in the customer survey published by the "Oman Establishment of Press, Publications & Advertising."

Our CSR activities

For Al Jadeed Exchange, reaching out to people who needs assistance is part of the values passed down by our leaders. The objective we intend to achieve through our CSR programs aims at developing communities and environment sustainability to create a protected future for the generations to come. Our activity touches a wider footprint through areas like health, education, environment sustainability, etc. We are providing scholarships to students in Oman to pursue their higher education. The company assist people in other countries who require special medical care and provide homes to the less fortunate.

Chairman At Al Jadeed Exchange, we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. Always remembering our humble beginning and passion for greater achievement, we set our goals higher and strive to set a benchmark for the industry with our service levels. We always thank the Almighty for our success and in return of our gratitude we have taken several steps to enhance the lively hood of many less fortunate brothers and sisters in Oman and elsewhere. The organization shall continue with its efforts of bringing in better products, processes & services to make it a joyful experience with us.



Bank Remittances

At present, we are having correspondent banking arrangements with foreign banks across the globe providing direct account credit facility and cash pickup services.

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Instant Transfers

Our instant money transfer services enables you to transfer money within minutes through cash payout / account credit facility at various outlets across the globe. You can also receive money from us  through the instant money services.

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Currency Exchange

Travelling to other countries is an interesting prospect packed with excitement and fun. Mitigate all your currency exchange worries with our competitive exchange rate and excellent customer service. 

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Near Rawasco Hypermarket, Opp. the platinum hotel, Muscat Region
E-mail: mgralkh@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel:+968-2448 4290 / 99 311 695


Saturday TO Thursday  8.30 AM TO 10 PM

Friday    9AM TO 10 PM

Shop No 7, Opp to  Careefour Counter,

Sur City Center, Sur

Tel: +968 25544419 / 92657486


Saturday To  Wednesday   9 AM TO 10.30PM

Thrusday & Friday    9AM TO 12 AM

Salalah Chowk, Al Salam street, Dhofar Region
E-mail: mgrsala@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel:+968-232 88 135 / 926 25 398


Saturday To Thursday  8:30 AM To 1PM ; 4:30 PM To 9:30 PM

Friday     8:30 AM To 11:30 AM ;   4 PM to 9:30 PM

Next to Mwasalat (ONTC) Bus Stand
Ruwi, Muscat Region
E-mail: mgrruwi@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel:+968-247 890 35 / 99 102412

Opp. Police Station, Ruwi High Street, Ruwi, Muscat Region
E-mail: mgrruwihs@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel:+968-24 702 972 / 994 600 91

Opp. Bank Muscat, Seeb Souq, Seeb, Muscat Region
E-mail: mgrseeb@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel:+968- 244 22 424 / 99 849 409

Next to Carrefour Counter, Muscat City Center
Airport Road, Mawaleh, Muscat Region
E-mail: mgrcity@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel:+968-24 558 510 / 99 102 408

Near Badr Al Sama Hospital, Opp. Lifeline Hospital
Muscat R!oad, Falaj Roundabout
Falaj al Qabail
Al Batinah North Governorate
Email: mgrfalaj@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel. +968- 267 51 311 / 99 102 409

Behind Bank Dhofar, Souq al Tijari
Mabelah, Muscat Region
Email: mgrmabel@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel: +968- 244 511 40 / 99 102 415

Next to Bank Muscat, Thumrait Town
Thumrait, Dhofar Region
Email: mgrthum@aljadeedexchange.com Tel: +968 - 232 79 818 / 99 102 407

Musannah souq, Tareef, Musannah
Al Batinah south Governorate
Email: mgrmus@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel: +968 - 268 710 22 /980 49 113

Ibra Market, Alayya, Ibra
Ash Sharqiyah north Governorate
Email: mgribra@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel: +968 255 72 442 /980 49 112

Marmul Round About, Marmul
Dhofar Region
Email: mgrmar@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel: +968 - 220 60 990 /99 100 206

Near Bank Muscat, Sinaw
Ash Sharqiya North Government
Email: mgrsinaw@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel: +968 255 24 117 / 93 893 714

23rd July Street, Opp. Bank Muscat
GTC Bus Station, Salalah
Dhofar Region
Email: mgrsaljs@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel: +968 232 010 33 / 99 102 416

18TH November Street, Near HSBC
Al Sdaada Salalah, Dhofar Region
Email: mgrsaada@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel: +968 23 223 676 / 99 102 402

Immigration and Arrival/Departure
Salalah International Airport
Salalah, Dhofar Region
Email: sllapt.branch@aljadeedexchange.org Tel: +968 - 99 102 417

Al Jadeed Exchange LLC
Corporate Office,
Office No.101-A, Building No.6,
Tilal Offices, Muscat Grand Mall,
Muscat | Sultanate of Oman
+968 91 455 455

Business Center Building , Lekhwair pdo
sj abde & Al Sulaimi , lekhwair pac
Email: mgrlekh@aljadeedexchange.org
Tel: +968 24484290 / 91298197

Next to Al Maha Petrol, Opp. Bank Muscat
Mazyouna, Dhofar Region
Email: mgrmaz@aljadeedexchange.org
Tel: +968- 232 71 126 /98 909 783

Next to Oman oil and Bank Muscat, Barka Sanayya
Barka, Al Batinah South Governorate
Email: mgrbar@aljadeedexchange.org
Tel: +968 269 84 792 /985 680 22

Next to Bank Muscat and Bank Dhofar, Adam Souq
Adam, Ad Dakhiliya Governorate
Email: mgradam@aljadeedexchange.org
Tel: +968 220 60 988 /93 608 842

Karsha Industrial Area
Karsha, Ad Dakhiliya Governorate
Email: mgrkar@aljadeedexchange.org
Tel: +968 254 37 665 /980 89 306


Al Ashkara
Email: mgrash@aljadeedexchange.org
Tel: +968 25563451 / 99311846

Al Qais Super Market, Misfa Industrial Area
Wadi Saal al Misfa, Muscat
Email: mgrmis@aljadeedexchange.org
Tel: +968 244 35 226 /998 79083

Near Al Karama Hypermarket
Email: mgralkhuwair@aljadeedexchange.org
Tel: +968 24482652 /99658287

Inside Ramez Hypermarket, Ibri
E-mail: ibri@aljadeedexchange.com
Tel:+968-99 483 971


Yes. SMART BANKING - You can send money by depositing / transfering money to Al Jadeed Exchange through the following accounts;

Bank Muscat - 042 3010 7796 700 84

NBO - 1021 3230 80001

BANK DHOFAR - 0104 1226 0220 02

OMAN ARAB BANK - 3160 664376 500

For any assistance please contact any of AJX branches

* Subject to AML/KYC compliance


Crediting money to your bank account back in your home country is bank transfer. We have tied up with over 26 banks for your added convenience. An IMPS is our bank transfer service through which you can credit money to your beneficiary's bank account in real time.

Depending on the time, your location and the receiver's location, the mode of money transfer differs.

Please send us the details of your transaction to info@aljadeedexchange.com or call us on +968 91455455.

Transaction fee is the commission we charge for offering our services to you. Contact our staff at the counter for more details on the transaction fee.

Different countries have their own currency. In any money transfer or foreign exchange transaction, there is a domestic currency and a foreign currency which will have different values. The difference between these two rates will have an impact on the money you send or receive.

No the exchange rates are dynamic.

Time taken for your money to reach beneficiary account depends upon the mode of remittance you have chosen and the beneficiary location.

You can locate any of our branches easily either by Contacting 91455 455, Logging on to our website and clicking on Branches link.


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Al Jadeed Exchange LLC
Corporate Office,
Office No.101-A, Building No.6,
Tilal Offices, Muscat Grand Mall,
Muscat | Sultanate of Oman

+968 24092700


+968 91-455-455

+968 24092799